Our principles

  • Behaviour: we behave correctly and equally with all contributors no matter their position. Respect, integrity and justice are our fundamental principles.
  • Team member, contributor and partner relationships: respect is key to creating a positive atmosphere in the professional development. We do not tolerate discrimination nor any form of sexual or racial harassment.
  • International relationships: we obey every law and regulation in every country we operate in. We also respect cultural diversity and do not take part in any political issue.
  • Communication: the communication in the whole community is great (partners, team members, etc.). We obey the local regulations concerning the data protection act and other commercial information.
  • Economic policy: the organization’s profits are balanced. We create value propositions for our clients and provide social advantages for the communities we work with.
  • Competence: despite the competitive atmosphere we always abide by the code of ethics
  • Environment: our company is aware of the need of using the limited resources responsibly and therefore promotes environmental protection initiatives both internally and externally.


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