Public Presence

Through our “Global Entrepreneur Network” methodology and for its correct application, ACOEXT is developing a network between destination and origin markets ”. Therefore, we will have agreements with several public and private entities and organizations supporting international entrepreneurial  promotion.

Institutional Cooperation Agreements

Observatorio Virtual

Virtual platform content and tools of technology transfer and innovation for Latin American companies and researchers. We help to connect science and technology with the business world and social development by facilitating access to strategic information, specialized in Ibero-american R+D+I, through information management tools on-line and free, developed with technology based on natural language processing and semantic web. A support at your service to incorporate technological surveillance practices in the internationalization strategy of your organization.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network

"Enterprise Europe Network helps companies to innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the network of the world's largest support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) with international ambitions". In ACOEXT support to SMES that do not have access to the platform, to manage their demands of trading partners as well as technological demand/supply.


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