Global Entrepreneurial Network

Global Entrepreneurial Network

It is a methodological offer for the international enterprising that, relying on the ICTs, helps you manage the formulation and execution of your international business plan in a coordinated, integrated and effective way. It is a proactive way of acting.

Mission GEN

We want to support the integration, the cooperation and the interdependence of the entrepreneurs with knowledge of international business. We will help you enhance your initiative; your self-fulfilment and you desire to succeed supporting you during the formulation and the execution of your business plans with our own methodology. Our mission starts with a fundamental premise: The need of a global and integrated vision of the markets. From this point of view the key elements of the working teams must be promoted to succeed in the international approach.

Target audiences

This program is oriented to entrepreneurs wanting to have business in Latin America, such as:

  • University students finishing their management degree or another similar qualification.
  • Qualified professionals with international business masters or a similar qualification.
  • Entrepreneurs of a very small SME wanting to export but with little experience in the field.
  • Other professionals who considered themselves a niche in a product and / or service knowledge.

Organization chart REG

Organigrama REG

Method REG

Método REG

Basic elements

There are only 5 easy steps:

  • Register as a member Candidateto Global Undertake Network.
  • Candidate selection and registration as Global Entrepreneur Network member.
  • Line-up of the working team.
  • Formulation of the International Business Plan (IBP).
  • Execution of the IBP.


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