Our services

Our services

Global Entrepreneur Network – GEN is a methodological offer for the international undertaking that, relying on the ICTs, helps you manage the formulation and execution of your international business plan in a coordinated, integrated and effective way. It is a proactive way of acting.

Initial comprehensive consultancy

It is a free interview that will let you understand how to join the GEN, our working methodology and the access to some resources and support through the contributors’ network better. Your previous registration as a candidate is essential.


Global Entrepreneur Network members’ selection

If you're already registered as a candidate in the Global Undertake Network program, you will also take part in the selection process to be a GEN member. Different factors will be considered to evaluate your competence level in the business undertaking.


Register as a Global Entrepreneur Network member

Once you have passed the selection process you will be registered as a Global Entrepreneur Network member. This registration will allow you be supported during the line-up of a working team which will work on behalf of the international business plan formulation.

The team will be formed by the participant (origin market) and by another person at least from the destination target market.


Corporate Patronage

According to your business idea and its complexity, with the Member’s consent, we will make our best to succeed the patronage(non-binding) of a company in the region (contributors’ network) considering this link as a business interest. With this processes and efforts we want to create synergies in order to promote the international business plan’s formulation.


Monitoring of the program

The program GLOBAL ENTREPRENEUR NETWORK, through the International Interdependence Facilitating Committee (CEFAI) will monitor the whole process: before, during and after. More specifically, the monitoring will be from the registration of the candidate as a GEN member, the line-up of the working team, until the formulation and execution of the plan. Furthermore, the working team can create a working network afterwards.


Register for free as a candidate of the Global Entrepreneur Network Program.


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